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Selection of the right PBX for you is not an easy task. From the main importance it should cover your features need.
From the other hand it should be easy configurable. To get some idea about out PBXs we provide a test drive.

Currently we have put one IP08 with publicly opened WEB interface.
There are two FXS and two FXO interfaces plugged in with no actual phones/lines connected.

User name: admin
Password: switchfin

Feel free to browse around.

Keep in mind that you may be not the only one browsing and modifying the parameters of this PBX at that moment.
To start from predefined Factory default state please press Reset Configuration in the Options tab.
You need to Reboot Now and wait the hardware to reboot and WEB GUI to become responsive again for the
Factory default
to be completed.

We will be glad to provide dedicated PBX from given type to interested customers to test online.

Due to security reasons the test unit is not always available. Please ask the customer support for assistance.