Satellite Applications Platform (SAP - 212) Achieves DO-160 Certification through Successful Collaboration between Switchvoice Ltd and Clarus LLC PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 24 January 2017 22:01

Switchvoice Ltd, a pioneering leader in inflight connectivity solutions, is proud to announce the successful DO-160 certification of its Satellite Applications Platform (SAP - 212). This milestone was achieved through a collaborative effort with Clarus LLC, a prominent American technology company specializing in satellite and communication solutions.

The DO-160 certification process rigorously tested the SAP - 212's capability to withstand a variety of challenging conditions, including conductive and radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI), as well as extreme temperature and vibration scenarios. This certification stands as a testament to the commitment and innovation of Switchvoice Ltd and Clarus LLC in developing world-class satellite applications for the aviation industry.



Key Achievements of the DO-160 Certification:


  • EMI Testing: The SAP - 212 has successfully passed both conductive and radiated EMI tests, ensuring that it can operate efficiently in the presence of electromagnetic interference, offering a reliable inflight connectivity solution.
  • Temperature Endurance: The platform has demonstrated its ability to function flawlessly across a wide range of temperatures, reflecting its resilience to extreme climate conditions that can be encountered during flights.
  • Vibration Resilience: The SAP - 212 withstood a battery of vibration tests, validating its durability in the presence of turbulent flight conditions, thus ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted passenger experience.


This significant achievement solidifies the collaboration between Switchvoice Ltd and Clarus LLC, two industry-leading companies dedicated to enhancing inflight connectivity and entertainment.

Mr. Dimitar Penev, CEO of Switchvoice Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm: "The DO-160 certification of our Satellite Applications Platform (SAP - 212) is a testament to the commitment of our teams and our partner, Clarus LLC, in developing robust and reliable inflight connectivity solutions. This accomplishment will further empower airlines to provide seamless services to their passengers."

As a result of this achievement, Switchvoice Ltd and Clarus LLC are poised to set new standards in inflight connectivity, ensuring that passengers experience uninterrupted and high-quality services even in the most challenging of flight conditions.

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About Switchvoice Ltd:

Switchvoice Ltd is a dynamic company dedicated to advancing inflight connectivity solutions. With a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Switchvoice Ltd offers cutting-edge technology to enhance the inflight experience for both airlines and passengers.

About Clarus LLC:

Clarus LLC is a leading American technology company specializing in advanced satellite and communication solutions. Known for its commitment to quality and excellence, Clarus LLC has consistently delivered high-performance technology solutions to various industries.