Clarus LLC and Switchvoice ltd. Introduce "Explore Unit" as the Main Passenger Unit for the Arinc Direct Program PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 20 October 2018 23:31

Switchvoice Ltd is delighted to unveil its latest innovation, the "Explore Unit," which is set to become the central passenger unit within the prestigious Arinc Direct program. This groundbreaking technology, developed in collaboration with Clarus LLC, leverages the robust SAP 212 system to redefine the inflight passenger experience.

The "Explore Unit" represents a significant milestone in the aviation industry, offering passengers an array of advanced features and services. Arinc Direct, a member of the Rockwell Collins group, has selected this cutting-edge unit to elevate the standard of passenger services on its aircraft.






Key Highlights of the "Explore Unit":


  • Seamless Integration: The "Explore Unit" seamlessly integrates into the Arinc Direct program, providing passengers with a unified, user-friendly experience.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: Based on the SAP 212 system, the "Explore Unit" delivers high-performance inflight connectivity and entertainment services, ensuring a truly exceptional passenger journey.
  • Collaborative Development: Developed in close partnership with Clarus LLC, the "Explore Unit" showcases the synergy of two industry-leading companies committed to pushing the boundaries of inflight technology.
  • Rockwell Collins Group Affiliation: Arinc Direct, as a member of the Rockwell Collins group, embodies a legacy of excellence and reliability in the aviation industry, making the selection of the "Explore Unit" a testament to its quality.











Mr. Mahmud Khan, CEO of Clarus LLC, expressed his excitement about this development: "The 'Explore Unit' is the culmination of innovative technology and collaborative expertise. We are proud to join forces with Switchvoice Ltd and Arinc Direct, a Rockwell Collins group member, to provide passengers with a superior inflight experience."

The "Explore Unit" will not only enhance the Arinc Direct program but also set new industry standards in inflight connectivity and entertainment, ensuring that passengers enjoy a seamless and enjoyable journey.

For more information on the "Explore Unit" and its integration into the Arinc Direct program, please visit our website and stay tuned for updates.


About Switchvoice Ltd:

Switchvoice Ltd is a dynamic company dedicated to advancing inflight connectivity solutions. With a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Switchvoice Ltd offers cutting-edge technology to enhance the inflight experience for both airlines and passengers.

About Clarus LLC:

Clarus LLC is a leading American technology company specializing in advanced satellite and communication solutions. Known for its commitment to quality and excellence, Clarus LLC has consistently delivered high-performance technology solutions to various industries.

About Arinc Direct:

Arinc Direct, a member of the Rockwell Collins group, is a prominent name in aviation technology, offering a wide range of aviation solutions and services designed to enhance the aviation experience.