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SwitchVoice Ltd. - the uCpbx Ltd. spin-out.

It was sometime in spring 2006 when a small Bulgarian group (now part of SwitchVoice Ltd.) started the BlackFin One project. It was a flexible general purpose Blackfin BF532 based development board. Both the schematics and PCB layout was open to the public which made the project pretty popular that time. The platform was ideal for SMB VOIP applications and it was first David Rowe (Rowetel) who saw its potential. David had already developed the 4FX (FXS/FXO interface card) and it was only a matter of months before we get complete analog BPX (IP04) ready. At that time we all were working as perfect team. We got great contribution from Mark who pointed the team to “build root” way of maintaining of the software Astfin (now Switchfin). Since then all of our Blackfn based products are Switchfin driven and we are the major Switchfin contributor.


One year after we started the BlackFin One project, part of the Bulgarian team joined with Mark created a company uCpbx Ltd. The team under uCpbx Ltd. entity has developed family of Analog and Digital (PRI &BRI ) VoIP Appliances based on Blackin and Freescale PowerQUICC CPUs. Many external telecom. projects have been successfully designed as well.

During second half of 2009 the core development team decided to take a course for spin-out and this way avoid the management redundancy uCpbx Ltd. has created among the years.

The result is SwitchVoice Ltd. !

Since 2015, Switchvoice Ltd has dedicated its primary focus to the development and innovation of inflight connectivity and entertainment equipment.